Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes Feb 22, 2018

Edmonton Human Rights Committee (EHRC) Meeting Minutes Feb 22, 2018

Public Service Alliance of Canada 

Edmonton Human Rights Committee

Executive Meeting

February 22, 2018      
PSAC Edmonton RO

In attendance: 

  • Mavis Callihoo: Chair
  • Mildred Ncube: Co-chair
  • Kim Cardinal: Treasurer
  • Patty Jessome: Secretary
  • Charmaine Nelson: Member


  • Louise

Carm Chan


1. Call to Order: Mavis called the meeting to order at 5:48

2. Harassment Statement: Read by Charmaine Nelson

3. Approval of the Agenda: Approved by Consensus

4. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes:
        6.1 Mavis to return to the bank as her signing authority was not inputted   correctly by the bank.
        7.3 Ten-dollar participation fee to offset cost, includes stone and colored string.

5. Treasurer’s report:

  • As of Jan 31, 2018 the bank balance is $5,135.83
  • Items/events approved by Marianne taking place before budget are as follows:
    • Black history month: $110
    • Dream Catcher: $700 $100
    • Talking Stick Workshop: $220
    • RWC Cheque made out to Carm Chan in the amount of $162.02 (food for the planning meeting) was processed at Vision Credit Union in Camrose and is still a mystery (half of this amount to be paid back to the ERWC by EHRC).
    • Kim to supply screen shot to go with minutes.
    • Mavis, Carm and Kim to reschedule bank appointment to get Mavis signing authority

See appendix A 

6. Events, Education and other projects

  • May - National inclusion week: Mavis to do a write up and send out to the members.
  • May 17th - International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia: Ask for poetry contest. Contestants can have their poem published in the PSAC newsletter and online if approved by Marianne. Laminate, frame or create a collage for the PSAC RO from poems received. Budget: $100
  • Asian Heritage Month: Mavis to do a write-up. Budget: $0
  • Inclusion Week: put to the side for now.
  • June - Pride Day: Carm will do a call out to form a planning committee for the Pride Parade and reach out to the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) to see if we can collaborate with them. Carm has reached out already and the AFL has agreed for us to join them. RO has stickers and flags from last year we can use. Carm will check with the city for regulations as per handouts. Budget $500
  • June—National Aboriginal Day: Send email to endorse National Aboriginal Day. Create a contest around the question “What does reconciliation mean to you?” Have contestants write an essay or submit art for a chance to join the EHRC for a day of Aboriginal teachings and fun on Michel Land (Uncle Callihoo’s land) where we will enjoy a hay ride, teachings by an elder, have a fire and cookout and pick Saskatoon berries. Celebrating on Saturday, June 23rd. Budget: $400
  • July and august: No meetings scheduled.
  • Sept—Scents in the Work Place: Presentation by Nina Snyder, chief operations officer for the Alberta lung association. One hour on a weekday evening. Mavis to get time frames from Nina. Honorarium/donation to be given. Patty motioned, seconded by Charmaine, motion carried. Budget: $150 
  • Oct: No meeting scheduled
  • Nov. 11 - Remembrance Day: Place a wreath at the Butterdome. Budget: $150
  • Nov 20 - International Children’s Day: Fund raise for Terra Centre https://terracentre.ca/ . Place donation boxes in Canada Place and within other locals to collect needed items. Kim will talk to them to find out what they need and if there are other campaigns we can join in on. Budget $0
  • Dec. 3 - Day of Persons with Disabilities: Patty will do poster. Budget: $0
  • Dec. 10th—Human Rights Day: Stations made up of five equity groups explaining myths and truths regarding each group. Hope to have a member of each equity group at stations to answer questions and talk to those in attendance. Call out to members of equity groups to help man stations. Feed people $150; Construction arts and crafts: $150. Budget $300

7. Phoenix National Day of Action—Feb. 28: Come and enjoy. Please attend if possible.

8. Round Table:

  • Charmaine: First time at EHRC meeting and I want to participate more.
  • Kim: Reminder to Mavis and Carm to go to the bank to have the signing authority completed. She asked for ideas for supper for the night of our meetings. Please think about what you would like for supper. Cold cuts and sandwiches are affordable. Important to feed committee members. It is nice to have salad, buns, cold cuts and dessert. It isn’t fancy but it fills you up. Be aware of Carm’s time, as she has to go shopping for food. Looking forward to talking stick meeting. Kim gave up her hair appointment because she doubled booked for this evening and Patty is happy she did. Looking forward to the events.
  • Mildred: Says she is thankful for supper and is feeling full.
  • Mavis: She is happy with the meeting and glad that it ran smoothly. She noted we need more participants. We are advocating for members especially in regards to Phoenix. Getting paid is a human rights issue. Enjoyed tonight, thank you for the food and ideas.
  • Patty: Really great meeting, great ideas. She asked that people be more mindful of being focused with less sidebars, as it is difficult as secretary to take minutes when there is more than one person talking.

Black History Month Contest Winners are:​

  • Stephane Depot: Tickets to Harmony Lunch
  • Charmaine Nelson: CD
  • Deb Hammonds: Book

Adjournment: Mavis Adjourned the meeting at 7:40pm

Actions and Appendix A follows.

Our Organization: