Edmonton Area Council: Meeting Minutes: May 25, 2017

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians ans raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

Edmonton Area Council Meeting

May 25, 2017

In Attendance: Darlene Lewis, Stasi L’Hirondelle                   

Call In: Chris Beaton

Regrets: Kim Haynes

Staff: Nina Babcook                                                                      

Guests: Marianne Hladun, Patti Jessome

Call to order:  17:41

Adoption of Agenda:  Stasi motion to adopt agenda. Chris second.   Approved

Approval of Previous Minutes:   Tabled

New Items:

Report from Prairie Regional Convention: The Chair, Darlene Lewis read her report. Report to be sent to PSAC for posting on the website.  PSAC Prairie Region will post resolutions that passed.  Chris and Stasi provided verbal report.

Finance Report: Dalene spoke on behalf of Kim Haynes. March 31, 2017 closing balance in account is $2180.00. Signing authority for Kim and Darlene has been done. Stasi and Darlene to make appointment to add Stasi to signing authority.

Marianne spoke on 2017 allocation. She advised will be emailed out to committees and provided a verbal explanation of the reporting process. The PRC Finance committee reviewed and made recommendations. Marianne is to approve all budgets. The finance committee reviewed all packages and identifies any deficiencies. If they don’t have all the information required, money isn’t approved or sent. We have to be accountable as all funds come from membership dues. If any information is missing from the finance package, an email is sent to the committee/council to advise. Edmonton Area Council needs to submit some information still. Marianne advised she has a letter to provide to the chair to advise in writing what is missing and what needs correction. Marianne advised that all committees will have an audit completed by Prairie Regional Council Finance Committee members, but she advised that funds will not be withheld while the audit si being completed. Marianne advised verbally what items have been approved.

National Public Service Week:  PSAC is once again boycotting NPSW. The budget for Edmonton and Area currently has $2600.00 to plan events to boycott NPSW. The boycott is due to issue with Phoenix and the government not signing the new collective agreements for components. PSAC has banners to provide to locals, and stickers to hand out saying “Burnt by Pheonix”.  Discussion followed on ideas.  A decision was made to have a “Vansicle” travel to locals in the Edmonton area to drop off Ice Cream and Popsicles to cool the burn from Phoenix. An email is to be sent to area locals to book time for the “Vansicle” to come by. There will also be an event held at Canada Place and the RCMP detachment to hand out Ice Cream & Popsicles.  Stasi to create poster for Canada Place & RCMP detachment, Chris to create poster for rural area’s, and Darlene to create poster for “Vansicle”  An email to go to rural locals for confirmation of participants so funds can be provided to cover the cost of treats.

Resolutions:  Resolutions for PSAC Triennial Convention are due by September 1, 2017. It’s best to keep resolutions to under 150 words. Don’t let the message get bogged down in wording.  Edmonton Area Council can elect 1 member to send to convention as a delegate. The election is to be done at an AGM, which is to be held six months prior to convention. (As per PSAC Constitution) AGM for 2017 to be held no later than October 28, 2017.

Phoenix Action Plan: discussion followed. This idea may need to be reconsidered as MP’s are not willig to meet with PSAC on any level to discuss Phoenix. Tabled until next meeting.

Old Business:

Solidarity Brunch:  Tabled until next meeting.

Adjournment: 19:38