Edmonton Area Council: Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017
Called to Order 17:32
Present: Darlene Lewis
Kim Haynes
Freada Vamvounis-Clarke
Staff Present: Karoline Klug
Regrets: Chris Beaton, Stasi L’Hirondelle
Adoption of the Agenda
Kim requested to amend the minutes to add the motion to have the bank account updated for all 4 members of the executive to have signing authority.
Motion brought forward to update the bank account, 2nd Dragana
Karoline: there are still outstanding bills to be paid from the solidarity Breakfast.
Kim: keep receipts for parking and light meals under $10 for reimbursement.
Discussion on PRC meeting. Original budget was defeated.
Scholarship in the name of Judy Shannon for $10,000 a year for someone from PPC to attend.
Darlene gave an overview of some of the debated resolutions. Resolutions will be emailed for review.
There were about 5 blocks of people attending the women’s march.
Ideas for this year:
2017 Habitat for Humanity
Area Council Solidarity Brunch
Sponsor a family (does not only have to be a one year commitment.
Funds outstanding to Nina, Karoline & Kim.
Discussed Campaign to Ban Asbestos. Canada no longer exports Asbestos, but still imports it. Encourage locals to give members cards to sign and send to PM office.
Karoline- to update Rona Ambrose on MP list.
Scan and Send resolutions and past minutes for banking information.
Also RO will possibly be offering a course on lobbying consisting of ½ day of techniques, and ½ day of facts and figures.
Adjournment 6:58.