Edmonton Area Council AGM: Meeting Minutes – Oct 11, 2017

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians ans raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

Public Service Alliance of Canada  

Northern Alberta Regional Edmonton Area Council

Annual General Meeting  

PSAC Edmonton RO October 11, 2017


In Attendance:

Darlene Lewis – Chair of Committee

Stasi L’Hirondelle – Vice Chair

Chris Beaton, Area Council Rep

Adeleen Greer, UCTE


Kim Haynes

Special Guests: Regrets from Sister Robin Benson & Marianne Hladun

PSAC Rep:  Carm Chan


Call to Order at 17:45 by Darlene Lewis Chair of Committee


Approval of the Agenda: 

M/S/C Beaton/L’Hirondelle/carried 

Previous Minutes:

Stasi motioned to table previous minutes.  Chris second



4.1 Chairs Report, Darlene read the report she prepared, and will be attached to minutes.

4.2 Vice Chair, Stasi provided a verbal report and will prepare written report to attach to minutes.

4.3 Treasurer’s Report: Darlene read balance on account as of August 31, 2017. Balance is $1765.27

6.            Elections for PSAC 2018 Triennial Convention Delegate & Alternate.

Darlene turned the chair over to Carm for nominations.

Carm made 1st call for nominations.

Chris Beaton nominated Stasi L’Hirondelle, Adeleen Greer seconded.

Carm made 2nd call & 3rd call. 

Acclamation; Stasi L’HIrondelle selected as delegate.

Carm made 1st call for alternate.

Stasi L’Hirondelle nominated Adeleen Greer. Chris Beaton seconded.

Carm made 2nd call & 3rd call.

Acclamation: Adeleen Greer selected as Alternate


7              Previous Business: 

7.1  Solidarity Brunch,

Carm provided update for solidarity brunch, Marie Fitzpatrick will be guest speaker and Darlene to     follow-up with an Elder for opening remarks.


8.            Round Table:  Chris provided verbal update on last PRC meeting.  As meeting was confidential, not                     much to report. Local UCTE 50600 at the Winnipeg Airport reached an agreement and returned to work.

Darlene spent time in the RO Thursday Oct 12th making calls to all Local Presidents encouraging           them to register for Solidarity Brunch as well stuff envelopes with a Vote for Candidates          recommendations by CLC.  Carm made follow up calls. 18 confirmed locals sending participant,       Darlene & Stasi attending from Area Council, Carm & Freada as PSAC members, Maria Fitzpatrick and         Perry Garvin as guest.  Discussion followed around plans for brunch.

9.            Adjournment:

Meeting Adjourned 18:24