Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes – Oct 18 2016

Present: Vice President: Ben Lemon; Treasurer: Kim Haynes; Mildred Ncube; Joe Sunu; Kara Rathie; Staff Present: Nina Babcook, Regional Representative

Called to order 17:41


Vice President: Ben Lemon,

Treasurer: Kim Haynes,

Mildred Ncube,

Joe Sunu,

Kara Rathie

Staff Present: Nina Babcook, Regional Representative

Regrets: Dave Burchell

Adoption of the Agenda

Solidarity Brunch: Discussion on the success and possibly making it an annual event.

Planning of CLIFF (Canada Labour Int’l Film Festival) night on 17 November (Thursday) from 1730 to 1930 with Pizza & Pop. Regional Office to get a previous poster, modify it and then do a call out to membership for numbers.

Plan for electing a Prairie Region Council Edmonton Area Council Representative: it was discussed that we (all Edmonton Area Committees) should do election on the same day – 8 December (Thursday) starting with the Women’s at 1730, Human Rights at 1800, followed by the Area Council at 1830, ending with the PRC Edmonton Area Council Rep.

General Financial Update was given and we still need to get an invoice from Kids in the Hall for the Solidarity Brunch.

Resolution review: Overall the committee really liked the intent of the resolution however we felt that it would not make it to the floor of convention due to clarity and substantiation. Suggestions will be given to the author and then it will be on the November Agenda.

New business:

Remembrance Day Wreath: Ben would purchase it and as Mildred will be there for the HR Committee – she would present it for us.

Round Table:

Joe gave us all a new thought on projects which was awesome – for project do not centre on what we are doing – but “WHY” we are doing the project.

Nina (RO rep) discussed the need for Planning training and Roles & Responsibilities of the committee members. And then said that the RO would like to have an Open House in December. We discussed the idea of having the Open House after the elections.

Meeting was adjourned at 1915.