Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes (May 18 2010)

Present: Dave Burchell, Chair, NAT30095; Ken Jamieson, UNDE 30905; Bryan Smith, Vice-Chair, NHU 30016; Dan Kilmer, UNDE 30905; Frank Lloyd, PRC Rep; Maria Do Rosario, CEIU 30851; Darlene Lewis, NHU 30016; Laurel Gladu, NAT30067; Bonnie Low, CEIU 30851; Tamara Kozlowska, CEIU 30851; Nina Kiviluoma, PRC Rep (NA Area Council Rep); Carissa David, AFLRep (Women’s), UTE 30025


MAY 18, 2010


Dave Burchell, Chair, NAT30095                                  Ken Jamieson, UNDE 30905

Bryan Smith, Vice-Chair, NHU 30016                           Dan Kilmer, UNDE 30905

Frank Lloyd, PRC Rep                                                  Maria Do Rosario, CEIU 30851

Darlene Lewis, NHU 30016                                           Laurel Gladu, NAT30067

Bonnie Low, CEIU 30851                                              Tamara Kozlowska, CEIU 30851

Nina Kiviluoma, PRC Rep (NA Area Council Rep)

Carissa David, AFLRep (Women’s), UTE 30025


Elaine Alt, EAC Treasurer, NHU 30016

Breanda Skayman, UTE 30025

Ben Lemon, UEW 30703


Daniel Kinsella, National President, National Component






The EAC Meeting was called to order by the Chair, Brother Dave Burchell at 5:36 pm.




The minutes of the previous EAC meeting were unavailable. The review of these minutes was tabled until the next EAC Meeting.




The agenda was approved as presented




  • Brother Kinsella advised that he was interested in the EAC input on the PSAC Fight Back Campaign. Daniel was advised that on May 26th the PRC is hosting a day long Fight Back Campaign Day Long meeting in Edmonton.
  • Brother Kinsella provided a brief update on National Board of Director (NBOD) activities:
    • The NBOD focused on getting information into the hands of the membership on the recent federal budget and fight back.
    • A report on the review of the HRSDC Labour Program (Labour Canada). This report discussed how deregulation impacted on the ability of Labour Affairs Officers (LAOs) to do their jobs. Changes to the program have resulted in the LAOsno longer doing proactive regulatory inspections.
    • The Fight Back Campaign information is readily available on the PSAC website. Comments were provided that the newly improved PSAC website is difficult to navigate.
    • It was strongly suggested to Brother Kinsella that the NBOD provide “canned questions” to the local union members of Union Management Consultation Committees. This would be extremely beneficial to Union Locals as they would be able to ask concrete questions and have responses documented in the UMCC minutes. This would permit the responses to be coordinated, consolidated and used nationally.
    • The need for the PSAC to be less abstract and move towards providing actual tools that can be used by members was discussed.




Sister Lo reviewed the campaign initiatives which are intended ensure that no senior lives in poverty, The initiatives focus on a CPP Contribution increased OAS/GISbenefits and the establishment of a Pension Insurance Plan.

  • CPP Contribution Increase:

The CLCis asking members and the public to contact MPs and MLAs to have CPP contributions increased to 2.75%. The 2.75% increase would increase the current 25% of earnings pension to 55%. While the proposed changes will increase the maximum limit per year by 2.5%, which works out to $0.50 per day, it will double the pension payable at age 65.

In Albertaonly 2% of workers receive a work pension, 60% of Canadians do not have a pension plan. Therefore this campaign is targeting working Canadians. The federal Finance Minister has stated that he has not heard from Canadians on this issue. Everyone is therefore being asked to tell their MPs that they want pension reform!

Information about this campaign has been previously distributed to Locals and Sister Lo is prepared to speak to individual Locals at their request.

During the discuss about CPP, EAC members advised that people can phone Service Canada and ask for a Contribution Statement which outlines the amount that the person paid in and the amount that they will receive in benefits

  • OAS/GISSupplement Increase:

The CLC is asking for an immediate premium increase of 15%, which works out to pennies per day ($100 / year).The current average OAS Supplement is $500 per month. The retirement income for over 35% of workers consists on CPP and OAS only. In order to receive a supplement, the person’s income must be less than $15K per year. The federal government has not increased CPP/OAS payments during the last 18 months.

  • National Pension Insurance Program:

This insurance program would be supported by employer premiums and would ensure that pension benefits are paid to the company’s workers in the event that the company went bankrupt. Current when that happens, the creditors seek to claim the funds in the company’s pension plan. When this happens, this leaves the workers without a company pension.

Sister Lo requested that the EAC members share the campaign information with other members and to the public. She noted that this initiative is opposed by the Banks and Financial Institutions, who argue that all people need to do, is to learn how to save properly. This ignores the fact that many workers are unable to put the “little extra” away that the banks and financial institutions suggest.

Sister Lo is prepared to send information to interested members electronically. Alternatively members can get further information from the CLCwebsite at www.canadianlabour.ca.






  • The EAC President provided an update. Capital Ex has a new person handling applications and has established new rules. The float application was sent into Capital Ex in March, however it was returned recently due to insufficient postage ($0.01). The application package was resent to Capital Ex. Capital Ex advised that their Committee would be making a decision about entries by the end of May. The EAC requires confirmation that our float application has been accepted before purchasing insurance.
  • A decision was made that the EAC would move ahead with the planning process on the assumption that our application will be accepted.





  • As a result of numerous attempts through e-mail that were not responded to, the EAC was unable to participate in the May Homeless Connect. Brother Burchell has contacted Brother Perry Garvin (United Way Labour Representative) and has requested his assistance to ensure that the EAC is able to contribute. The next Homeless Connect is in September.
  • A letter will be distributed to Locals requesting that members who are traveling collect the complimentary hotel toiletries, which will be used during the Homeless Connect. The letter established a cut-off date of March. This should be deleted from the letter.





This date was established in 1991 by the Parliament of Canada, which marks the anniversary of the 1989 murders of 14 young women at l’École Polytechnique de Montréal, who died because they were women. This date also represents an opportunity for Canadians to reflect on violence against women in our society and is an opportunity to consider the women and girls for whom violence is a daily reality, and to remember those who have died as a result of gender-based violence. It is a day on which communities can consider concrete actions to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.

Last year this event was poorly attended by PSAC members. A memorial service is being organized at City Hall at 12:00. Display tables are planned for Canada Placeand Women’s Shelters. Canada Placeneeds to be confirmed as Canada Placehas been sold. PSAC members are requested to show solidarity against gender based violence and to make every effort to attend.

  • EAC Bylaws:
  • The Bylaws require review to ensure that they comply with the PRC Bylaws and PSAC Constitution. It was noted that the EAC Bylaws were rewritten two years ago. Sister Nina K is coordinating the review. Volunteers were requested. Brother Bryan Smith volunteered. Sister Nina and Brother Bryan will coordinate this.

  • National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women– Dec 6:



By law Review Committee












EAC Members























Each EAC member in attendance was given an opportunity to present an issue or discuss an information issue.

  • CPP:

Service Canada Agents are ordered by management to refer callers to the website where they can download the information. If they don’t refer callers, it is reflected in their annual performance review.  If the caller states that they don’t want to get the information from the website, then Service Canada will mail the information out.

The EAC believes that the use of the online service will eventually result in downsizing at Service Canada Centers. There the EAC recommends that whenever Service Canada Agents refer callers to a website, the caller demand that Service Canada send the information out.

  • Fight Back Campaign:

Locals are encouraged to become involved in the May 26th Fight Back Campaign Meeting. Lost wages are provided. The PSAC Regional Office is requesting 100% Local involvement.

  • Capital Ex Sub-Committee:

A planning session will be scheduled and EAC members are encouraged to volunteer their time. The EAC President will follow-up and seek volunteers.

  • Guest Speakers:

The EAC President, Brother Dave Burchell thanked Brother Kinsella and Sister Lo, on behalf of the EAC for their presentations.















EAC Members





EAC Members





The next EAC meeting will be held on June 16, 2010, commencing at 5:30 pmin the PSAC Edmonton Office Board Room.

EAC Members



The meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.