Edmonton AC – Fall Meeting Dates

**Schedule amended August 17, 2016**

Area Councils are designed to serve as liaison for locals and Branches of Components, DCLs, Regional Women’s Committees and constitutionally-recognized regional committees. The role of Area Councils shall consist of such activities as community, social and recreational affairs within the communities in which the Area Councils function; promotion and coordination of PSAC campaigns assigned to them by the NBoD or the AEC, such as political action; promotion of Federations of Labour and District Labour Councils; dissemination of information as well as workshop and seminar-type education in matters directly relating to the functions of Area Councils.

Meetings details:
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
PSAC Regional Office – 670-10665 Jasper Avenue, T5J 3S9, Edmonton

-Tuesday August 23 , 2016 (amended August 17)
-Tuesday September 20, 2016
-Tuesday October 18, 2016
-Tuesday November 15, 2016
-Thursday December 8, 2016 – AGM

If you would like to submit agenda items, please send an email to Ben Lemon at: prc.ben.lemon@gmail.com
Out of town member are invited to participate by teleconference. Please contact the Edmonton Regional Office 1-800-814-3948 to register.