Directly Chartered Local Representative, Michelle Lang (February 2020)

Michelle Lang
Prairie Region Council February 2020

Brandon University:  
The local executive and bargaining team met for a one day local development session.  They head into bargaining in 2020.  They learned about PSAC and reviewed the roles and responsibilities of the executive and worked on mobilization.  We wish them luck in getting a new agreement.  

University of Winnipeg:
PSAC Academic Capacity Unit ratified a new agreement after a year of negotiating.  Congratulations!!

University of Saskatchewan:
This University is dealing with substantial tuition increases for graduate students.  They will be following this issue closely and gathering information.  They are encouraging members to attend discussion sessions and ask a lot of questions.

Casino Regina:
In the process of receiving printed CBAs, however one department isn’t receiving the proper pay and we are having legal look into it.  Holding elections for the local executive this month and as of January we have a full executive again.  Many full time hours are being changed to address the shortage that they have on weekends being open 24 hours.

General Issues:
Coop Refinery locked out currently at 71 day lockout.  FCL has brought in more living units that they are saying is for shut down.  Previously, the workers doing shut down stayed in hotels and such at their own expense, but now FCL is footing that bill.  Also a special mediator has been appointed by the Saskparty and they begin on February 18th and have 20 days to reach a deal.  I have been walking that line in Solidarity minimum once a week with the Regina and district labour council.

In Solidarity 
Michelle Lang