Component Convention elections results

In accordance with Section 8, Sub-Section (9) of the PSAC Constitution, a component shall hold conventions as determined by its own by-laws provided one convention is held prior to a regular National Triennial Convention of the PSAC as provided in Section 17.

These conventions are held in the weeks and months immediately following the seven Regional Triennial Conventions of the PSAC, but prior to the final date for receipt of resolutions from components, area councils and DCLs submitted to the PSAC National Triennial Convention.

The 17 components of the PSAC all have independent by-laws and policies for its operation. As such, the structure of each National Executive is different and positions of officers vary.

Below are the results of all component conventions held to date, outlining the national officer positions, as well as the regional officer positions for the Prairies. For more information on component conventions, please visit the component website.