CMHR Ratification Package

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights reached a tentative first Collective Agreement which was finalized on December 17, 2013.

The complete Memorandum of Settlement is attached and you are encouraged to review this document to make an informed decision. In effect, when ratified the Memorandum of Settlement becomes your first Collective Agreement, and you should retain this document until a published final version is distributed.

NOTE: The final version of the published Collective Agreement will be renumbered, edited and re-formatted according to an agreed protocol. (Protocol for Editing, p.77)

Members of your Negotiating Team will be in attendance at the ratification meeting to outline the provisions of your new contract and will answer any questions regarding the new contract.

Your Negotiating Team consisting of:

Stephen Carney, President, Local 50773, UNE
Travis Tomchuk, Vice-President, Local 50773, UNE
Isabelle Mason, Human Rights Officer, Local 50773, UNE
Tracy Thor, Regional Representative, PSAC
Stephen Bedingfield, Negotiator, PSAC

unanimously recommend this tentative first Collective Agreement.

If a majority of votes cast are in favor of the tentative Collective Agreement then the Regional Executive Vice-President – Prairies shall be authorized to sign a Collective Agreement for your Bargaining Unit.