Clint Wirth PRC Report (Apr. 2013)

Report of the Southeast Manitoba Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the April 2013 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Clint Wirth, Southeast Manitoba Rep

Report to the Prairie Region Council

April 2013

During the period since my last report, the vast majority of my work on behalf of the PRC has revolved around my Health and Safety committee portfolio, in particular the Prairie Region Health and Safety Conference held in Edmonton on November 17-18. I have also taken on additional roles within the MFL, and at a local level. As the actions of the Health and Safety committee will be discussed in depth on the agenda, I will only briefly cover them here.

As early as the beginning of 2012, myself, and the rest of the committee have been busy planning the Prairie Region Health and Safety Conference. In September, the content of the conference, and the roles each representative would have, would fill the majority of time spent on Representative work. For myself, the most important role would be creating a 1.5 hour session involving “Representing Members with Mental Illnesses”.

Since the conference, myself and the other committee members have been hard at work putting into action strategies discussed during the conference. These follow up activities will also be covered as part of the agenda.

Since my last report, some of the other activities I have taken part in as part of my role as Southeast Manitoba Representative include;

  • Taking part in the September PSAC Day of Action
  • Bill C-377 – contacted with my MP, Steven Fletcher, over our concerns involving Bill C-377. Not surprisingly, he did not return my calls or emails. Also contacted the office of MP Lawrence Toet (Elmwood/Transcona), who promptly returned my email, though his office was primarily addressing issues brought forward by his constituents
  • Took part in the 2012 PSAC Leadership Summit held in November/December in Ottawa. I found it to be an excellent opportunity to network, and take part in many informative groups.
  • Have been working in my community educating people on the significance and importance on events such as Idle No More, and “Right to Work” legislation, for example. The information provided by the PSAC has been extremely helpful as tools for educating both myself and others.
  • Have had contact with several locals as part of my geographical representative 

Looking ahead, I will be taking part in the National Health and Safety Conference that is scheduled for April 11-14, in Montréal. I will also be taking part in Regional Leadership meeting to be held May 14 in Winnipeg.