Call Your MP on May 19th!

The May 19th Day of Action will focus on communicating and contacting federal MPs as they are back in their home riding for the week of May 19 – 22, 2015.

We are asking all PSAC members to do one or all of the following actions to express your opposition to the government’s unilateral decision outside of collective bargaining to eliminate sick leave for federal public service workers; cuts to federal funding agreements on child care; and the elimination of 35,000 full-time front-line service jobs, to name but a few.


  • Contact your MPs office to request an in-person appointment (May 19 - 22).
  • As a constituent, phone your MP’s office and ask to speak to the MP or at minimum leave a message for them to return your call.
  • Send a letter or an email to your MP’s Constituency’s Office requesting a response.


MPs have indicated that they have not heard from PSAC members in their constituency on these issues. To counter these comments, PSAC would like to accurately report the MP lobbying activities for the week of May 19 – 22, so we are asking that you contact your PSAC Regional Office by telephone or by email to to provide feedback in a short summary.

The short summary could include:

  • Type of Contact (in-person, phone, email)
  • What did you talk about?
  • What was the MPs response?
  • Was there any follow-up required?

We have attached a copy of the “8 Public Service Issues That Should Decide This Federal Election”  and “Tips for Lobbying” for your reference. If you need any assistance in communicating with your MP, please contact our office.

Please share this information with all PSAC members in your Local and  encourage them to get involved in this important bargaining activity!