Call for Nominations for Prairies Convention

Regional Executive Vice-President.

Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President.

Prairie Regional Council Representatives.

This is the official call for nominations for the position of Regional Executive Vice-President and Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President and Prairie Regional Council representatives.  

Elections for these positions will be held at the PRAIRIES Virtual Region Triennial Convention June 24 – 27, 2021.

A Nominations Form is attached to HERE.

The following positions will be elected at the 2021 Prairie Region Triennial Convention (subject to any By-law changes):

• Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP)

• 1st Alternate REVP 

• 2nd Alternate REVP 

• One representative for each of the following six geographical areas: Northern Alberta, Southern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan, Southern Saskatchewan, South-East Manitoba, North-West Manitoba (and two (2) Alternates for each position)

• One representative for Regional Women’s Committees (and two (2) Alternates)

• One representative for Aboriginal Peoples (and two (2) Alternates)

• One representative for Persons with Disabilities (and two (2) Alternates)

• One representative for Racially Visible Persons (and two (2) Alternates)

• One representative for Pride (and two (2) Alternates)

• One representative for Directly Chartered Locals (and two (2) Alternates)

• One representative for Young Workers (and two (2) Alternates)

• One representative for Separate Employer Locals (and two (2) Alternates) 

Elections for PRC Area Council Representatives have been conducted at the applicable Area Council prior to February 28, 2020.

The election process for all other positions (excluding REVP, Alternate REVP and Area Council Representatives) will be conducted during the course of the convention in their respective caucus meetings.

Delegates to the 2021 Prairie RegionalConvention, being held virtually, June 24 – 27, 2021, will be electing the PrairieRegional Executive Vice-President and their Alternates and Prairie Regional Council representatives and their Alternates.  Any PSAC member in good standing in the Prairies is entitled to run for these positions. The nominator and the seconder must be delegates to the Prairie Regional Convention.

As Regional Coordinator, I have been assigned the responsibility for sending out the call for nominations, receiving the nominations in advance of the Regional Convention, and working with the Nominations Committee at the Convention itself. 

Here’s how the procedure will work, and what to do if you want to run for office.

Nominations Procedure 

A Nominations Committee will be appointed by the Prairie Regional Council and ratified on the Convention floor. The Chairperson of the Nominations Committee will be appointed by the Regional Council and will conduct the elections for the positions of REVP and Alternate REVP.  The Chairperson has the power to appoint scrutineers and assistants deemed necessary to conduct the elections in an orderly manner.

In my capacity as Regional Staff Coordinator, I have been tasked with facilitating the nomination process in advance of the Convention. I am also responsible for ensuring that the nominations are filed with the Nominations Committee in writing and signed by the nominator and seconder, each of whom must be an accredited delegate to the PrairieRegional Convention.

Eligibility for Office

Candidates nominated for the position of REVP and Alternate REVP and Prairie Regional Council representatives do not have to be a delegate to the Convention but must be a member in good standing and live or work in the Prairies. The nominator and seconder must be delegates at the Prairie Regional 2021 Convention.

Submitting the Nomination Form

You will find below a Nomination Form that can be used for all positions. 

Nominees who will not be present at Conventionmust submit a nomination form to me prior to the start of the Regional Convention. This completed form may be submitted to Lisa Garnier’s attention email at or mail to Lisa Garnier, PSAC Regional Coordinator – #460 – 175 Hargrave St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3R8.

Nominees who will be present at Conventioncan submit a nomination form to myself as indicated above or the Nominations Committee prior to the start of the Regional Convention or be nominated from the floor of the Regional Convention.  

If you do not have the option to print, sign and scan your document, then you can send an email advising your email is your electronic signature.

Need Further Information?

For further information on the Prairie Regional Convention, please consult our website.  

Feel free to contact Lisa Garnier, PSAC Prairies Regional Coordinator at: office, 204-947-1601 or by email, for any questions on the nominations process outlined above.

PDF version of the Call for Nominations

Nomination form.