Calgary Area Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (Aug 30, 2022)

August 30, 2022

Calgary Area Human Rights Committee

August 30, 2022


Kathy Ajram- Treasurer UTE (30022)

Lisette Serrano – UVAE (30032) 

Ade Fayemiwo – Chair AGR (30048)

Mayfred Gyamfi- Secretary UTE (30022) 

Angelo Mangatal – CEIU (30856)

  1. Land acknowledgement 
  2. Call to order @ 18:05 upon meeting quorum 
  3. Review and adoption of agenda
    • Unanimously agreed
  4. Approval of previous meeting minutes 
  5. Unanimously agreed 

5. Report from the Chair:

  • Chair discussed new opportunities to forge ahead and increase membership engagement for equity seeking membership groups. Brought up ideas such as circulating of surveys among the membership to receive feedback on the issues that are most important as well as their expectations of the committee. Chair also suggested that an action to provide immediate assistance to members could come in the form of a WhatsApp group. Lastly, we could host a Let’s Talk event so that we can directly hear from the members what challenges they are facing and how we can assist.

6. Report from the Treasurer: 

  • As of July end bank balance is $1887.51, we had received a deposit of $1700 from PSAC Prairie Regional Office and that was to cover our budgeted and planned items from the 2022 budget package. The last reporting package had been approved in part due to some changes that were made. For example, no funding was allocated to the creation of the video suggested by May which would have provided information to the membership about who we are and what the committee represents. The reason for no fund allocation for the aforementioned item was because our regional office has the equipment and the means to be able to do the video, however, they require additional information on how to implement. There was an ask in relation to our bank account and getting the signatories updated; last week we updated our account to remove the former treasurer. Bank is unable to update a new holder without in person identification, therefore we will need to wait. TD advised that once we have a co-chair we can contact them to set up an appointment and add the co-chair to the account and send the identification information potentially via email.

7. New/Old Business:

  • Unfortunately we were unable to follow through with our plans to participate in the pride event in Calgary in the month of June due to schedule conflicts and delay in the approval of our budget. Registration costs and deadlines were missed, however we hope to carry this idea into 2023.
  • The Bear Clan Patrol has an event posted on their Facebook page for September 30 to commemorate Truth and Reconciliation Day. The committee agreed to attend and distribute invitation to the membership. 
  • We also discussed the plan to join a patrol with the Bear Clan in the near future. The committee unanimously agreed to purchase necessities such as toiletries and request donations from locals to help the cause.

Round Table: The chair discussed setting up a WhatsApp group, Kathy advised that prior to doing so, the chair should consult with REVP. 

Kathy advised that a revised Appendix D was requested in reporting package. This will be sent shortly. 

Next Meeting Date: October 5, 2022 at 18:00

Meeting adjourned: 19:33