Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes (Mar 9 2010)

Attendees: Timothy Hunt – President; Garth Caron – Vice-President; Evelyn Egger – Treasurer; Dale Marionicz – Member (AGR 30046); Charlene Veal – Member (UNDE 30910); Ron Johnston – Member (NAT 30117); Charles Linklater – Member (AGR 30046); Raj Hari – PSAC RO Staff; Guests: Robyn Benson, REVP/Prairies; Patricia Davis, Co-ordinator/Prairies

                                                                          Calgary Human Rights Committee Meeting

                                                                             MINTUES – March 9, 2010


Timothy Hunt – President

Garth Caron – Vice-President

Evelyn Egger – Treasurer

Dale Marionicz – Member (AGR 30046)

Charlene Veal – Member (UNDE 30910)

Ron Johnston – Member (NAT 30117)

Charles Linklater – Member (AGR 30046)

Raj Hari – PSAC RO Staff

Guests:      Robyn Benson, REVP/Prairies

                 Patricia Davis, Co-Ordinator/Prairies

Meeting was called to order at 5:50pmby Brother Hunt.

 Brother Hunt opened the floor to introductions.   Brother Hunt apologised for the lateness of this meeting, as the last two dates were pre-empted by Prairie Region Business (January 12th & February 16th) and were re-scheduled to today.

 Brother Hunt gaveupdate “Project Dignity” – main focus was “Make Poverty History”.  Brother Hunt had to be interviewed and was given a tour at Foothills Industrial area.  Raising funds, donations and volunteers to service the dinners that were selected at the Mustard Seed’s facility.  The personal impact was huge from the gratitude the people displayed, funds that were raised ($3,040.00), volunteers from locals across Calgaryand donations (clothing, furniture, etc.).  The volunteers that attended from ranged ‘15’ to ‘31’, with the last dinner we served having the greatest amount of volunteers.   The Mustard Seed staff were very impressed and wished to convey their gratitude to all that attended as they were able to complete the work they must do to run the facility.   Monies raised were as follows:

$2000 – Social Justice  / $100 – Robyn Benson  / $165 – Leadership Conference Raffle (December 2009)  / $150 – CIU’s fundraising efforts  / $500 – UTE  / $100 – USGE  / $25 – NRU  for a total of $ 3,040.

 Funds created meals for each of the three dinners (1st night – Roast Beef / 2nd night – Salisbury Steak / 3rd night – Chicken) for approximately 400-500 dinners per dinner sitting.  Collection of clothes, non perishable food and toiletries were delivered to the centre that were collected across the city.

Suggested target for next year would be for the Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s) and we’ll name it “Project Dignity”.

 Brother Hunt introduced the REVP, Robyn Benson and passed the chair to the sister so that she may address the meeting.  Topics covered were as follows:

  • This Human Rights committee was established to lead all EE groups
  • Handbook is in progress with clear guidelines as set our for AREA and RWC committee, distribution of this guide will help the committee in the future, delivery date of handbook tba
  • Human Rights committee needs to take on political role, whether its letter writing or visiting a MP/MLA
  • Contact the representatives of each EE group – Prairie Region Council regarding each of their Equity issues.  Meet/Talk about issues / provide support in the community / invite guest speakers
  • Plan to work within the group and/or community (ie. Mustard Seed)
  • Budget must be in by Mid March – to include Balance Sheet.  Audit to be done in cooperation with other standing committees. (January-December 2009).  Brother Hunt to complete.

 Sister Benson passed the chair back to Brother Hunt.   This committee identified that we must get a communication tree to network going to get to as many members as possible.   This may cause more problems with all the e-mails currently already been mailed out from the Calgary Regional Office??  Notice of meetings can be placed on Union Boards.

 The committee spoke briefly of the conferences being held during the PSAC current (2009-2011) triennial cycle – the delegate must self identify (observers – not necessary) on all application forms.  Discussion ensued on the five major conferences for equity seeking groups that have or will happen during this cycle.

  1. GLBT Pride Conference – Toronto– March 26-28, 2010
  2. PWD – Access Conference – Ottawa– June 04-06, 2010
  3. Women’s Conference – Ottawa– October 22-24, 2010
  4. Racial Visible Conference – tba
  5. Aboriginal Peoples Conference – tba

 New Business

 Get the word out regarding the conferences coming up.   Getting Youth Members involved in everyday equity issues.  Brother Hunt will steer people toward the representative that is relevant to speak on Youth issues.  Have speakers in to talk about each group

 Next meeting – Wally Fandrich’s vacant position.  Scheduled for May 11, 2010.

 Motion to adjourn at 7:40pmfrom Brother Hunt, Sister Egger seconded the motion.

 Meeting adjourned 7:40pm.


Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 11th at the Calgary Regional Office.