Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes Mar 3 2015

In Attendance: Mike Tennant (Treasurer), Raj Hari, Phil Chan, Timothy Hunt (Chair), Victoria Norris (Secretary), Sam Akinsanya (Co-Chair)

Calgary Human Rights Committee – March 3, 2015

Those in Attendance: 

Mike Tennant (Treasurer), Raj Hari, Phil Chan,  Timothy Hunt (Chair), Victoria Norris (Secretary),
Sam Akinsanya (Co-Chair)

Meeting called to order at  5:50 pm in the Calgary Regional office.

Motion to reimburse brother Chan for $34.62 for the food for the meeting.  By Brothers Hunt/Tennant (chq #070)  unanimous.   

Motion to make a donation cheque for $350.00 For Fairy Tales Film Festival for sponsorship of the festival by Brothers Timothy/Akinsanya

(chq #069)  unanimous.

Reviewed of previous meeting (December 03, 2014) minutes, no additions or deletions, approved. December minutes will be posted on the web site by next week.



Timothy submitted a draft budget and a draft transaction log and HRC Bank Financial Statement with a bank balance of $2,020.27 and a copy of the PSAC Prairie Region Funding & Reporting Procedures.

The transaction log started with December 31st, 2013 balance of $2,169.67, and a December 31st, 2014 balance of $2,020.27.  Correction made on July 11th, 2014 expense for Fairy Tales will be changed to ‘Global Fest’.

Brothers Hunt/Tennant/Akinsanya re-negotiated our bank fees, we now pay a flat rate of $6.00 (vs. the $15.00 charge for a business account, we are now non-profit).

We did not receive our allocation of funds from National or Regional.  We had asked for $1,500.00.  We had a stale dated cheque that sustained us from the 2013 budget.

The draft budget request showed total project expenses to be $6,325.00  that our bank balance is $2,020.27 so we are requesting $4,304.73.  There was much discussion around increasing amounts requested and adding several events to request funding for, also that the PRC wanted the committees to be purchasing their own swag.   The finalized budget was approved unanimously.

Highlights from the budget included the following:

  • An increase to $500 from $350.00 request for Fairy Tales Under donations
  • Awo-Taan with a $500.00 donation
  • Under Event or Project Expenses;

Volunteer appreciation – $175.00Drop in Centre -$500.00
National Aboriginal Day – $250.00
Canadian Labour International Festival -$500.00
Festival (Multi-Cultural festival) – $550.00
Volunteer recruitment expo – $150.00
Members BBQ or Pancake Breakfast event – $600.00

Budget will be amended as discussed.

Brother Akinsanya is seeking volunteers for the Festiaval, we (AC/RWC/HRC) are hoping this will be a joint venture for all three Committee’s (Area council, Regional Woman’s committee and our HRC) to hold a Volunteer Expo.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 by Brothers Chan/Akinsanya – unanimous

Next meeting date not yet set.   The committee’s annual paperwork submitted prior to the March 15th deadline.