Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes – Feb 6 2014

In Attendance: Garth Caron; Timothy Hunt; Phil Chan; Michael Tennant; Ayanna Ayi

Human Rights Committee Meeting
February 06th, 2014
Calgary Regional Office


Those in Attendance:

Garth Caron
Timothy Hunt
Phil Chan
Michael Tennant
Ayanna Ayi


Dale Marianiucz

PSAC Staff :

Raj Hari

Minutes of last meeting (October 01st, 2013) Read and accepted – unanimous

Motion to reimburse Brother Timothy for food by Brother Caron, Cheque:  $52.47 (chq#056 – Vina Pizza) + $4.85 (chq#058 – 7/Eleven – pop) issued to Brother Timothy for supper, seconded by Brother Garth – unanimous.

Motion to reimburse the Calgary Area Council, cheque $200.00 (chq# 061) support for Cal Best Presentation at the Calgary Library on February 18th, 2014 by Brother Garth, 2nd by Brother Phil – unanimous

Motion to re-issue lost cheque to the Lethbridge Area Council for $100.00 for Pride event last fiscal (chq#059) – unanimous

Committee Updates: 

* Announcement of the new PSAC Prairie Logo!
* AGM Elections announcements for the next meeting HRC meeting in April (website and e-mail from the Calgary Regional Offices)
* AGM announcements for next meeting for a delegate to the Prairie Region Triennial Convention > Saskatoon – June 2013 (website and e-mail from the Calgary Regional Offices)

Seek guidance from the REVP (Marianne) to decide on how we can nominate and elect a member to attend on behalf of the HRC

* Section 10 “ Representation and Voting at the Prairie Region Triennial Convention”, subsection (5) “Each Human Rights Committee in good standing, will be entitled to send one delegate to the Prairie Region Triennial Convention”

Black History Month – “Simply the Best” Cal Best event at Calgary Library

* Resounding success, a special thanks to Mike & Ayanna
* Presentation on the Clarion newspaper, union founder with PSAC, civil service activist, event was well received
* Workers History Museum
* Motion to allocate funding for an honorarium for the panelists at the Calgary Best event for $200.00 by Sister Ayi and seconded by Brother Caron – unanimous (cheque issued March 07th)

Summit Meeting

* we will have to coordinate with the Area Council and Regional Women’s committees to have a summit meeting (destination & date TBA).

GlobalFest 2014

* funding is available (Social Justice Fund, however, the HRC will be passing the torch to either the Women’s or Area Council Committees this year as we have spearheaded the cause for three consecutive years now

Pride Parade Letters to other allies (ie. RCMP, Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department, DND, etc.) to join us in solidarity at the next parade in Calgary on Sunday August 30th, 2014.

Ideas for the coming year for Human Rights day calendar events – tabled

3rd Street Theatre (GLBT) – tabled

Correspondence from Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society – invitation


Brother Chan  motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Brother Caron.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

Next meeting will be April 09, 2014 at the Calgary Regional Offices.