Calgary Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (Dec 7, 2022). 

Calgary Area Human Rights Committee

December 7, 2022 @ 6:00 PM 

Ade Fayemiwo – Chair AGR 40038

Lissette Serrano- UVAE 30032 

May Gyamfi – Co-Chair UTE 30022 

Kathy Ajram – PRC Rep (Treasurer) 

Lindsey Sparks – PSAC Staff

Meeting called to order @ 6:10 PM and commenced with land acknowledgment 

Adoption of Agenda – 

  • Attendees voted to adopt agenda with modifications to Secretary Election to commence after adoption of previous minutes. 

Approval of last meeting minutes 

  • Attendees voted unanimously to adopt minutes from Oct 12/22 meeting

Secretary Election

  • Lissette Serrano – nominated by Mayfred Gyamfi and seconded by Ade Fayemiwo. Nomination accepted and acclaimed to the role.

Report from Chair – 

  • Discussion surrounding WhatsApp group establishment and whether any follow up made
  • Discussed AGM considerations to commence before March 2023

Report from Treasurer – 

  • Bank balance as of Oct 31, 2022 is $1881.66. Only expenses incurred are monthly bank fees. 
  • Newly elected Secretary will need to be added as signing authority and once complete, new Appendix will be sent to office of the REVP. 

Old Business –  

  • Bear Clan Patrol – will be sending email to locals with poster on items the clan will benefit from if they are in a position to donate. Will also seek interest from locals on whether we can gain traction and members to join on a patrol. 

New Business – 

  • Resolution – Virtual Events – the committee debated and unanimously agreed on forwarding resolution to Prairies Convention related to offering virtual options for all education, meetings, conferences and conventions, as not doing so inadvertently discriminates against some members with disabilities who are unable to travel due to health reasons. 
  • Human Rights Day – Dec 10 – As we had to reschedule previous meeting due to quorum issue, short turn around to complete event for Dec 10. The committee discussed the possibility of holding a movie night in both Lethbridge and Calgary. Lethbridge may not be feasible at this time and options may be explored for future possibilities for movie nights after consulting REVP office – maybe next budget plan. Calgary will consider hosting movie afternoon at the Regional Office with a movie relating to Human Rights and the treatment of coloured persons – The Great Debaters. Poster to be sent to locals for interest. 
  • PRC rep discussed meeting held with executive council over the weekend and provided updates along with quorum updates likely to commence after new AGM. Also discussed Prairies Regional Racially Visible Conference and resolution requirements. 
  • Next meeting committee will group together to discuss resolutions, plan AGM, and Black History Month. 

Next Meeting: January 12 2023

Round table 

Meeting adjourned @ 6:40 pm