Calgary AC Mtg Minutes (May 5 2010)

Attendees: Danial Curotte, President UTE 300024; Garth Caron, Vice President USGE 30009; Karen Paull, Treasurer NRU 30177; Timothy Hunt, CIU 30036; Alec Goertzen, CIU 30036; Janet Parris, UTE 30024; Jacqueline Moody, CIU 30036; Dolly Ablitt, PSAC RO Staff; Raj Hari, PSAC RO Staff

Calgary Area Council Annual General Meeting

May 5, 2010


 Danial Curotte            President                        UTE 300024

Garth Caron                Vice President                USGE 30009

Karen Paull                 Treasurer                       NRU 30177

 Timothy Hunt             CIU 30036

Alec Goertzen             CIU 30036

Janet Parris                 UTE 30024

Jacqueline Moody      CIU 30036

 Dolly Ablitt                PSAC RO Staff

Raj Hari                      PSAC RO Staff

 The meeting was call to order at 5:45by the President Danial Curotte 

  • Raj Hari made a presentation to the meeting on the necessity of putting together a Campaign regarding the Federal Government Budget Freeze, and its ramifications.  Discussion ensued regarding the Fight Back Kit, and how best to go about getting the 14 of the 17 components represented by the council involved.
  • Raj will work on this and have something out before the end of June

It was agreed that this should be done before the end of June 2010. 

  • February 18, 2010Council Minutes were adopted as presented

  • March 15, 2010Council Minutes were adopted as presented

  • Treasures report was presented. 

January – December 2010

Opening Balance of                                        $1,914.37

Prairies Convention Reserve of                          500.00

Interest Jan, Feb, Mar                                                .05

Deposit – Feb 26, 2010CHRC cheque               100.00

Balance April 5, 2010                                    $2,014.42 

It was suggested and agreed that Karen should be reimbursed $97.96 for the cost of food for the AGM.  This was motion was CARRIED unanimously.

Danial motioned for the report to be accepted, Janet seconded this motion, – CARRIED 

Calgary Area Council 2010 Budget was presented, Income Request is for $1800.00 with expenses equalling requested amount.  This budget will be sent to the Regional; RVP in Winnipegfor approval.  

  • Two amendments to the by-laws of the Calgary Area Council were presented:-

The first item was: -By-Law #10, subsection 3, – Secretary: 

Item (b) was amended to read 

b) The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of all meetings: <added> minutes of all meetings shall be completed and distributed to the Executive within 14 calendar days;

A new duty was added as follows: 

(g) Minutes shall be posted on the Prairie website once approved by the Executive

Motion was put forward by Danial Curotte that these changes (in bold) be accept, this motion was seconded by Janet Parris, motion was CARRIED. 

The second item was:- By-5 Subsection 12 – Terms of Office 

An amendment to this subsection was changed to read: 

There shall be separate elections for the offices of: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer each for two (2) year terms.  Elections of President and Secretary shall be held in even years.  Election of Vice-President and Treasurer shall be held in odd years.  

Motion was put forward by Danial Curotte to accept these changes; the motion was seconded by Timothy Hunt.  The motion was CARRIED. 

Dolly Ablitt confirmed with Robyn Benson that when changes are made in the by-laws they become effective as soon as the motion is carried.  That being said, the position of Treasurer and Vice President will not be held until next years Annual General Meeting.  Both Garth and Karen graciously accept to accept an additional year to their terms.  The council thanks them. 

Daniel Curotte appointed that Calgarywould act as auditors for the Lethbridge Area Council, and Lethbridgewill act as auditors for the Calgary Area Council.  Daniel advised that Robyn has been advised previously. 

Note was made that the new President of the Area Council should contact Nick Lepora at (403) 262-2390 of the CDLC regarding our participation with the Labour Day Bar-B-Que. 


Elections for President and Secretary took place. 

Alec Goertzen and Garth Caron where both nominated as President.  Brother Caron, declined, the nomination.  Alec Goertzen was acclaimed as President of the Calgary Area Council with unanimous approval of all in attendance. 

Jackie Moody and Janet Parris were both nominated as Secretary.  Sister Parris declined the nomination.  Jackie Moody was acclaimed as Secretary of the Calgary Area Council. 

Dolly Ablitt swore both Brother Goertzen and Sister Moody into their respective new positions. 

Danial Curottee thanked the Area Council and the PSAC representatives for the help and guidance during his term as President. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30.