Calgary AC Mtg Minutes (June 17 2010)

Attendees: Alec Goertzen, President CIU 30036; Karen Paull, Treasurer NRU 30177; Jacqueline Moody, Secretary CIU 30036; Kathy Martens, National 30186; Jenna Adams, National 30186; Raj Hari PSAC RO Staff

                                                 Calgary  Area  Council  General  Meeting

                                                                 June 17, 2010


 Alec Goertzen                         President          CIU 30036

Karen Paull                              Treasurer          NRU 30177

Jacqueline Moody                    Secretary          CIU 30036

 Kathy Martens                         National 30186

Jenna Adams                            National 30186

Raj Hari                                    PSAC RO Staff

 Regrets:            Garth Caron, USGE 30009

                         Dolly Ablitt, PSAC

 The meeting was call to order at 5:45by the President. 


  • Raj Hari updated the Council on the “Fight Back” campaign,  because of the less than expected response, the café style “meeting” slated for the 23rd of June, will be held at PSAC office rather than an outside venue, a notice to this effect will be going out, the time is slotted to be from 9:00 to 5:00.

  • Alec gave a short speech of the goals and challenges he would like to bring to his new position.

  • With the resignation of Danial Curotte, Past President, it has become necessary to elect a new Calgary Area Council, Prairie Regional Council Representative.  Jacqueline Moody nominated Alec Goertzen, and this was seconded by Karen Paull.  Alec accepted the nomination.  There were no other nominations.  Alec was acclaimed the Calgary Area Council Representative by acclamation.
  • There was a round robin of introductions of the attendees.

  • It was voted on and agreed to that the Area Council present departing President Danial Curotte with a gift of $50.00, this was passed unanimously.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm