Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – Jan 24 2017


Alec Goertzen, President; Dale Marianicz, Vice-President; Phillip Chan, Treasurer; Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2017


Alec Goertzen, President; Dale Marianicz, Vice-President; Phillip Chan, Treasurer; Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

Br Goertzen presented the Agenda for review. There were no amendments to the Agenda. Agenda as presented was accepted M/S/C Chan/Marianicz

Br Goertzen presented the November 30, 2016 minutes for review and adoption
Minor amendments noted for typo-errors housekeeping items.
Minutes as amended were accepted
M/S/C Marianicz/Chan

Financial Report – Treasurer
Br Chan reported bank account balance as of Dec 30/16 is $2172.12
Outstanding cheque – 250.00
YE balance $1922.12
Br Chan also reported financials are completed and we need to arrange a time for audit.

2017 Budget Proposal
Budget 2017 proposal was presented for discussion. Some standard events/actions were included for funding but in some additional outreach ideas were discussed: Drop In Centre dinner, Food bank donation; work sock campaign, partnering with RWC on a projects, school lunch program, summer lunch program for inner city kids…. there is a lot we could do. Ice cream events at the airport or maybe Harry Hays or another location. There will be campaigns (National Childcare program) and rallies that National will expect area councils to lead, take part in.
Budget proposed at $9,786.00and if approved a funding request to be submitted, with the knowledge that some funding may not come from annual allocation by REVP but from other funding sources in the Region (i.e. Political Action, Membership Action, or surplus).
M/S/C Chan/Marianicz

Old Business
PSAC 50th Anniversary – At the December 17 “Red Lobster Claw Conclave” we discussed taking the $200 given by the Region to RO’s and combining it with our $1000 unused Volunteer Appreciation Night funds and combining the two to make it the event it needs to be. A proposal to be presented to Regional Exec. VP outlining plans.
Sr Kosteniuk will contact 3 places: Grey Eagles Casino and two Calgary Public library locations (one deep SE and one deep SW) about the event space, food within our budget. Proposed dates for the event are Feb 15-17 or 22-24. Booking to be confirmed by January 30th.

CLC Bill C-27 Lobbying Campaign – PSAC is supporting the CLC`s lobby campaign against Bill C-27, a Bill introducing changes to the Pension Benefits Standards Act. There are four targeted Members of Parliament and the only one in Calgary is Kent Hehr from Calgary Centre. He is Sr Kosteniuk`s representative and she agreed to try to set up a face-to-face meeting with him to discuss our concerns.
Sr Kosteniuk reports she called Kent Hehr’s office to set up a face-to-face meeting but was advised that couldn’t be done as he was booked up for “weeks and weeks.” His assistant advised a telephone call conversation would be done. Mr. Hehr did not call before the campaign ended. He called December 17th and Sr. Kosteniuk advised him she would appreciate a face-to-face meeting to be able to more fully discuss why she and our union feel so strongly about Bill C-27. Mr. Hehr, as he has in previous dealings, simply invited Sr. Kosteniuk to voice her concerns and then rolled over her statements with well-practiced and polished comments promoting the Liberal government agenda.

New Business
Proposed change to AGM date – Br Goertzen advises that in order to be compliant with delegate elections for the PSAC National Triennial in 2018, they must be at an AGM and must be within 12 months of the Convention. CAC Bylaws state we are to hold our AGM in February of each year however may be changed by motion. Br Goertzen made a motion, in accordance with Bylaw 5, sub section 1 that we defer the AGM election from the month of February to the month of May 2017. Motion to amend AGM election date accepted
M/S/C Goertzen/Kosteniuk

AFL Convention April 27-30, 2017 in Edmonton – The AFL convention is this year and we can send delegates as we are affiliated with them. PSAC Prairie Region has in the past offered sponsorship to convention delegates; in 2015 registration costs for our delegates were covered by PRC. If you are interested in attending complete the credentials form and submit it and the registration fee, to AFL before the deadline of March 13, 2017. Then you should contact the RO about subsidy information.
Here’s the general convention link:

This link takes you to the convention call letter:

None of the attendees had anything for roundtable

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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