Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – Feb 18 2015

Attendees: Alec Goertzen – President (CIU 30036); Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR 30046); Phillip Chan – Treasurer (UNE SSO 30040); Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE 30024); Jeanette Bolton – (CEIU 30856); Siobhan Hutchinson – (UTE 30024); Deb Kosteniuk – (UTE 30024); Darcy Dean – (CFIA 30046); Sam Akinsanya – (CIU #30036); Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO

Calgary Area Council Minutes of Meeting from February 18, 2015.

Alec Goertzen – President (CIU 30036)
Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR 30046)
Phillip Chan – Treasurer (UNE SSO 30040)
Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE 30024)
Jeanette Bolton – (CEIU 30856)
Siobhan Hutchinson – (UTE 30024)
Deb Kosteniuk – (UTE 30024)
Darcy Dean – (CFIA 30046)
Sam Akinsanya – (CIU #30036)
Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO

The meeting started promptly at 5:55 pm.

Br. Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption.  M/S/C:  Parris/Hutchinson 

Br. Goertzen presented the December 2, 2014 minutes for review and adoption.    M/S/C:  Hutchinson/Marianicz

Br. Goertzen presented a verbal report on his position as President for the past 12 months and noted some highlights over this period.  A hard copy is available.  M/S/C:  Goertzen/Hutchinson

Br. Marianicz presented a verbal report for his activities as Vice President in the past 12 months.  A hard copy will follow.

Br. Chan presented the Financial Statement for January 1, 2014– December 31, 2014
Opening Balance – January 1, 2014     $935.23
Closing Balance – December 31, 2014   $1,553.73
A Statement of Expense details was provided along with more detailed verbal information.  Total Budget request for 2015 will be $6,671.27.  
M/S/C:  Chan/Parris

The Council discussed and planned events for the 2015 year which included:  
National Day of Mourning, Volunteer Recruitment Expo, The 19th – Day of Action, Globalfest, the possibility of one additional summer festival (not known at this time), Labour Day, Volunteer Appreciation Night, Veterans’ Poppy Fund, CLIFF (Calgary Labour International Film Festival), Budget Watch (Federal and Provincial), Members’ BBQ/Pancake Gathering.  There was further discussion regarding the PSAC Tri-Annual National Convention Registration fee, Banking Charges, Election Mobilization (Federal/Provincial), Door Prizes/Swag.  M/S/C:  Akinsanya/Marianicz
A separate discussion took place with regard to Area Council affiliating with the Calgary District Labour Council (CDLC), fees and voting power.  Moved by Brother Marianicz to affiliate with the CDLC and incorporate association fees, Seconded Sis Kosteniuk.  CARRIED.

There were no by-law changes.

Br. Goertzen monitored the elections this evening. The positions up for re-election for the next 2 year term are Vice President and Treasurer.

Vice President:  Sis Boulton nominated Br. Marianicz and was seconded by Sis. Parris.   Br. Marianicz nominated Br. Akinsanya and was seconded by Br. Chan.  There were no other nominations.  Br. Akinsanya respectfully declined the nomination and Br.  Marianicz accepted the nomination. Br. Goertzen declared Br. Marianicz as acclaimed.  Congratulations Br. Marianicz.
Treasurer:  Sis Parris nominated Br. Chan and was seconded by Sis. Kosteniuk.  There were no other nominations.  Br. Chan accepted the nomination.  Br. Goertzen declared Br. Chan acclaimed.  Congratulations Br. Chan.

Sis. Parris discussed Convention attendees.
Br. Chan discussed the publication Veterans Street Voice and the author who is seeking some financial assistance for the next edition of the publication.  This can be discussed further at the next Area Council Meeting.
Br. Goertzen discussed a recent trip taken with Br. Chan for Canada Labour Congress.  Due to circumstances beyond Br. Chan’s control they were unable to travel together therefore incurring a personal cost to Br. Chan for mileage – $250.  Br. Goertzen will request the cost be covered by Sis. Hladun.

Meeting adjourned at 20:08 hours.

Next meeting is to be held in April – after Easter and before Convention.