Brea Baresinkoff Bio

Brea is serving her first term as the Southern Saskatchewan Geographic Representative. Brea has worked in various capacities in the public service, she is currently working as a Border Services Officer. In this capacity, she is evaluating people, documents, goods, conveyances to verify compliance to numerous acts and regulations in order to ensure the safety and security of the Canadian public and economy.

Brea started her involvement in the union in 2002 as a local OSH rep on the CFIA Lethbridge OSH committee. Since this initial initiation into the union she has held a variety of positions. Included in her extensive experience she has been a steward, a member of the bargaining team, Local vice president, 2nd National Vice President CIU 40031 among other roles.

She is passionate and fierce mental health advocate and wellness warrior. She believes we all have a responsibility and role to play in creating respectful, healthy, inclusive workplaces and communities. When she isn’t advocating for a more just and inclusive society you can find Brea spending time with family, gardening, enjoying the outdoors and possibly completing a home renovation project.

Mantra – ‘I am a Mental Wellness Warror; Breathe, it is essential; If I could relax I would.’