Blog #2: First impressions

The travel diaries from PSAC Prairies member, and young activist, Rachel Albiez, chronicling her participation in the Young Workers’ Delegation to El Salvador and Honduras.

I arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras today after spending two layover nights in Vancouver and Houston. The rest of the group and I are really glad to have the travel portion of the trip done with, and to finally have made it to Honduras! 
The group of young people I am with have an amazing diversity of backgrounds, skills, and experiences. I am really enjoying getting to know each of them, and I think we will learn a lot from each other. 
My first impression of Honduras from driving and walking around is that it is very similar in a lot of ways to Bolivia, where I lived for a year. There is lush greenery, chaotic traffic, tons of street vendors, horse drawn wagons, and signs of poverty. 
Our first outing was to Radio Progreso, a community run radio station that was instrumental during the recent military coup in Honduras. The radio station was vital because it provided independent reporting on the political situation during the turmoil. They continued to operate despite receiving threats of violence.
I was very impressed by the passion and dedication all Radio Progreso employees showed for their work, and also by how young most of them were. It shows what young workers are capable of accomplishing when they are passionate about a cause. 
The photos I have included show the Radio Progreso recording studio (above), one of the numerous graffiti tags around the city which are supporting a resistance organization to the coup (below), and also two girls we met in the central plaza who were very excited about getting their “fotos” taken (bottom)!