Approved Minutes – Regional Women’s Committee Minutes (CALGARY) – October 15, 2018

APPROVED Minutes – Regional Women’s Committee Minutes (CALGARY) – October 15, 2018

Regional Women’s Committee Minutes – October 15, 2018

In Attendance:

Deb Kosteniuk UTE 30024

Jennifer Jurca UCTE 30318

Kirsten Strachey UTE 30024

Stephanie Hooper CIU 30036

Alin Ibrahim CEIU 30856

Hazel Buchanan  USGE

Regional Office Rep – Dolly Ablitt



Arliss Chute USGE 30129

Vicky Norris UTE 30024

Tabassom Javadi Doudarani UNE 30040


A. Administrative

The Meeting was called to order at 5:38 p.m.

1. Agenda approval: Consensus

2. Minutes from previous meeting: Apr 23, 2018 were approved.


B. Old Business

3. Scotiabank Marathon: This item was not addressed as Tabassom was not available.

4. Cheque to Awo Taan: Our original cheque to them from the Women’s retreat bounced as the incoming funds were held by the bank. The replacement cheque didn’t get to them. We wrote a replacement tonight. (Cheque for $750+ 7.50 NSF charge) 

5. 2018 Budget Allocation: We asked for $4250. This included $700 for lobbying for our Jordan’s Principle resolution that didn’t make it to the Convention floor for debate. We also asked for $1025 for IWD and allocated $225 for conference calls. The $225 was reduced to 0. The $1025, we received in advance of the budget allocation, and the $700 was removed because we didn’t proceed with the lobbying. Ultimately, we received $1700 from Regional, leaving us $3000 in our account to work with this year.  

C. New Business

6. Sisters in Spirit: We wrote a $1000 cheque to Awo Taan for this year’s Sisters in Spirit Vigil donation.

7. Christmas Group Activity: Last year we didn’t get in, but this year we have called a lot earlier and should get a spot, if we can choose a day that works. Thursdays are good for Kirsten, Tuesdays are bad for Stephanie. Thursday would be good if we can make it work, and we would like to aim for 6 or 7 people. They require something from us, so we will reach out to our own locals as well as the Calgary Area Locals to collect donations for a toy and gift drive for the Women’s Centre of Calgary, then sign up for a night to wrap gifts. Jenn to make a poster, Deb will get her the dates.

8. Movie night: Thursday November 15. We’d like to watch Norma Rae. (At the office we have the ability to use a disk, wifi, or download.) Alin volunteered to organize this event; including getting the movie and the snacks, Deb will make a poster. We have a $100 budget and it’s open to women and girls 13 and up.

9. 16 days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence: Last year we posted factoids about women every day. This year, Deb is asking for our contributions of factoids to support this. We would like to make some actual posters to distribute to locals for work places. Everyone, please send 2 or 3 factoids to Deb by November 4th.

9a. Childcare Lobby Day: Tuesday Dec 4, by the Alberta Federation of Labour, in Edmonton. We would have to put in a budget and use paid leave if we wanted to go… Kirsten and Deb are available to go.  

10. Unions Work for Women Course: If you applied but didn’t get in, we are putting together a workshop for you! This will be held in December or January. More info to come.

11. Here for Canada Rally: The CAC is thinking of holding this Phoenix related local rally as Calgary hasn’t yet had one. The Area Council will meet in November and choose a date. More info to come.

12. Dec 6 Day of Remembrance: We plan to watch the NFB film on the Montreal Massacre here in the office and then have a discussion, ending with a Candlelight Vigil for the women. Approx 6pm to 8pm.

13. Alliance Executive Council: The council is meeting right now in Ottawa and setting priorities. Domestic Violence and Childcare are looking to be front runners for the Women’s Committees in the upcoming year/term.

14: No More Fairy Tales – The Next Chapter: The Region has specifically asked if we wanted to renew our efforts on this campaign. Maryanne will renew this website. Website allows you to send message to MLA, MP, PM, and Premier. We could use some of the memes that we didn’t get to use in the first round. November 20 is International Day of the Child, so we could aim for that, or start just before Christmas, and run through into the spring. We could get crayons and colouring sheets and have members’ kids colour and enter for fun prizes. We also discussed doing a video about Members’ experiences. Hazel and Kirsten are each willing to speak about their experiences.

15. Changing nights: We discussed choosing a different night for meetings. Tuesday doesn’t work for Stephanie or Jenn. Thursdays don’t work for Jenn. Wednesdays are OK for Karen, Jenn and Deb.

Next meeting, Wednesday November 7, 2018

*note – Jenn will be absent


D. Roundtable

Skipped due to no time


E. Administrative

Meeting adjourned at 6:45