2016–18 Prairies Regional Education Plan

The 2016–2018 Prairies Regional Education Plan was developed by the Prairie Region Council Education Committee in consultation with PSAC Prairies leaders, stewards, active union members, and regional office staff. 

The goals of the plan: 

  • Increase our union presence in the workplace in order to protect and support our members’ rights; 
  • Build stronger Locals/Branches; 
  • Provide opportunities for members, activists, stewards, human rights allies and leaders to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities on important union issues; 

Members who have participated in the education program consistently refer to it as one of the highlights of their union experience. Our education program is open to any member in good standing who lives and works in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta. 

For more information on the plan, including goals, course overview, budget and administrative guidelines, download the attachment below.