Young workers meetings attract new faces and fresh ideas

Dozens of young workers recently attended a series of meetings hosted by the PSAC Prairie Region, aimed at bringing young workers together to strategize on the establishment of young workers committees.

At the 2012 PSAC National Convention, delegates approved a resolution to create regional young worker committees that would be open to members 30 years of age and under. Young workers submitted this resolution, after identifying the need for a place within the PSAC for young people.

Young workers who attended the six meetings throughout the Prairies were enthusiastic and interested in getting involved, but identified a need for education  geared towards young workers. There was also a determination to ensure unions remain a strong voice for workers and that they are able to retire with dignity and security when that time comes 25+ years down the road.

Keith Gauthier, Young Workers Representative for the PSAC Prairie Region Council, attended all of the meetings to meet with and talk to young workers. “There’s a lot of work to still be done, I would definitely like to see at least one young workers committee established in the near future, and that was echoed by members who attended the meetings.”

Gauthier plans to reach out to Locals and continue to build a network of young workers, as well as encourage young workers to take courses offered by their regional office to prepare them to grow within the union.

“We need the young workers to take over as people retire,” he said. “We’re the next generation of leaders, so we have to be educated and know what’s going on and be interested.”