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Unionized workers employed by the Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) will hold a demonstration at noon today outside the airport departures level to protest contracting out and to demonstrate support for the bargaining team as they head into mediation.

Report of the Prairies Regional Executive Vice-President to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the July 2017 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

On July 4, the Partnership to Defend Public Services, a group of public sector unions, filed for an injunction against the so-called Public Services Sustainability Act, recently passed by the Manitoba government. PSAC is one of the unions involved in the Partnership.

PSAC met with Treasury Board for very preliminary discussions about the deeming process.

While at this stage we do not have a lot to report, we can say that PSAC/USGE are emphasizing that a freeze of terms and conditions of work be in place during ongoing discussions up to the point of deeming and during regular bargaining for the units into which civilian members (CM) will find themselves.

PSAC National President Robyn Benson has met with the Ministers of the cabinet working group on Phoenix to discuss recommendations by the union for fixing pay system problems.

This summer, Canadians across the country will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Publicly funded festivities will be held in every province and territory. Indigenous People of Turtle Island, however, will have quite a different perspective of this anniversary.

For most Indigenous People, Canada Day serves as a reminder of 150 years of colonialism, Indian Residential Schools, treaties not honoured, and the Indian Act. On June 21, National Aboriginal Day, let’s set the stage for a different narrative.