Stand united, Boycott National Public Service Week in your local

PSAC is calling on our members to boycott National Public Service Week for the third year. It’s important that we do not participate in events that claim to “honour” workers while simultaneously slashing jobs and forcing us into bargaining.

Please find attached a poster you can use to help spread the word. The backside of the poster includes more information about the boycott and what to expect from this round of bargaining. We’ve also included stickers, 24 to a sheet, formatted for Avery 22805 labels. Feel free to use these materials in your local.  Additionally, you can visit our Facebook page for themed display photos and cover photos that you can use on your personal Facebook pages. Like the page, share the materials, spread the word.

We've also added a flyer for members to deliver to their MP's office in person. The front of the flyer is visual and gives members an opportunity to take a photo in front of their MP's office holding up the poster. The back of the flyer is a message to MPs on how this government can show REAL respect for public service workers during National Public Service Week and going forward. Members should fill out the address blocks with their MP's address and their personal address and then sign the bottom and drop it off at their MP's office. Please be sure to share photos and responses with us.

Remember, even if you're not employed by Treasury Board or are not a public service worker, you will likely still feel the effects of what happens during this round of bargaining. This attack on our sick leave is a threat to our hard-earned rights and benefits and will undoubtedly set the tone for future bargaining with separate employers and those that are provincially and municipally legislated. In other words, we are all affected by concession bargaining.

Show the employer you can’t be bought off with ice cream and burgers and, instead, choose to stand united with your bargaining team. Boycott National Public Service Week activities in your workplace and encourage your coworkers to do the same.

In Solidarity,

Marianne Hladun
Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC Prairie Region

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