Sherry Hunt Bio

Sherry Hunt was re-elected as the Regional Women’s Committee Representative at the PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention in June 2023.

Sherry has been actively involved in PSAC for over 8 years after becoming involved in PSAC through her local VP who encouraged her to get involved with the Calgary Regional Women’s Committee due to her demonstrated passion for childcare advocacy. Since then she has held a variety of positions, including, Human Rights Representative Local 30048, HR Rep, Alberta (AGR), 1st VP Local 30048 AGR, 2nd VP local 30048, Vice Chair Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee, Chair Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee, Southern Alberta Geographical Rep PRC, Member PA Bargaining Team and RVP Alberta South AGR.  She currently works as an administrative assistant providing support to the Agronomy Research Program at the Lethbridge Research Centre, AAFC.

Recently, Sherry received the ‘Prairie Voice Awards – Community Champion 2021 demonstrating her pride and commitment to the enrichment of her community. She is the proud mother to two young men James and William and a ‘personal servant’ to her beloved cat George.

Favourite quote: ‘ Learn by doing ‘ 4 – H Canada Motto

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