PSAC engaging young voters on campus

Over the past few weeks, PSAC has been working hard to connect with union and community members to highlight the most important issues of the federal election campaign.

Last week, organizers spent time reaching out to students on Saskatchewan’s university campuses to engage with young students, the large majority who are voting for the first time.

PSAC members Jesse Todd (AGR) and Nathaniel Cole (CEIU) were met by enthusiastic crowds at both the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan, where we recently certified a new bargaining unit of 1,100 academic workers. The “I’m Voting For…” campaign, started in the BC Region, proves to be engaging with students and has had similar responses at other public events.

The issues concerning students this election aligned with the issues concerning PSAC members. Human rights, workers' rights, and public services were most common. Many were very concerned for the future, worried about what impact another mandate for Stephen Harper would have on their lives.

Some campuses have a new pilot project this time around––special advance polls for students. This makes it easier to vote, but only if voters are registered. With registration being more difficult this election, the PSAC outreach on campus also helped these new voters determine if they were registered to vote on the Elections Canada website. 

The PSAC continues to reach out to members and into the community to engage voters. Young people see this as the most important election of their lifetime. Let’s not disappoint them.