Prairie Voice Award Winners


The Prairie Voice Awards was created for the Prairie Region Triennial Convention to recognize and salute the tireless work our members do every day in their Locals, their committees or councils, and their communities. It’s a way for us to say “thank you” to our Brothers and Sisters for their commitment to the labour movement and their efforts to make our union stronger.

The 2011 Prairie Voice Award winners are as follows:

Mentor – Don Rogers

Within the union, a “mentor” is grounded by the innate ability to unselfishly work with the members and for the members by showing initiative, leadership and dedication to the labour movement. 

Community Outreach – Irene Berube

“Community Outreach” is nothing new to the majority of the people in this room. PSAC members consistently dedicate their time to charitable and non-profit organizations in our region and around the world.

Human Rights – Garth Caron

“Human Rights” are something we all value very deeply. This union’s commitment to equity is second-to-none, and our members’ involvement with their respective equity conferences or local Human Rights Committee attests to that.

Labour Award – Dale Buck

The “Labour Award” celebrates our commitment to this great union and participation in the broader labour movement. The award recognizes a member’s work to further the collective goal of the labour movement.

Political Action – Marianne Hladun

“Poltical Action” is a core value of the labour movement. This award recognizes a member who coordinates a rally, develops a petition, and lobbies their MP on various issues. Someone who is politically charged and devoted to creating positive change.

Initiative or Leader – Kerry Williams

A good “leader” shows initiative and innovation in their work. They lead by example and always work to create a strong, united union ––one that stands together, and works together, in solidarity.