PRC Members

The PSAC Prairie Region Council (PRC) has 24 representatives elected to carry out the business of the Prairie Region and to represent the interests of the membership.

The PSAC Prairie Region By-Laws require reps to submit a report for PRC meetings twice annually. Rep reports are linked below, according to the date of the PRC meeting they were submitted to. Any date that isn't hyperlinked means the rep did not submit a report for that meeting.

PRC Representatives 2017-2020

PRC Position Name Bio  Contact  Reports 
Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP) Marianne Hladun Bio  E-mail  Reports 
Alternate REVP Frank Janz Bio E-mail July/17
Northern Alberta Geographical Rep Stasi L'Hirondelle Bio E-mail  
Southern Alberta Geographical Rep Kristy Slattery Bio E-mail  
Northern Saskatchewan Geographical Rep Valerie Illingworth Bio E-mail July/17
Southern Saskatchewan Geographical Rep Tim Hubick Bio E-mail July/17
South-East Manitoba Geographical Rep Gus Mardli Bio E-mail  
North-West Manitoba Geographical Rep Michael Weisgerber Bio E-mail  
Regional Women's Committees (RWC) Rep Deb Kosteniuk Bio E-mail  
Aboriginal Peoples Rep Sandra Ahenakew Bio E-mail  
Persons With Disabilities (PWD) Rep Shannon Blum Bio E-mail July/17
Racially Visible Persons Rep Phillip Chan Bio E-mail  
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered (GLBT) Persons Rep Christopher Little-Gagné Bio E-mail  
Directly Chartered Locals (DCL) Rep Michelle Lang Bio E-mail  
Young Workers Rep Ryan Zacharias Bio E-mail  
Separate Employer Locals Rep Shaun Atilano Bio E-mail July/17
Edmonton Area Council Rep Chris Beaton Bio E-mail  
Calgary Area Council Rep Alec Goertzen Bio E-mail  
Lethbridge & District Area Council Rep Krysty Munns Bio E-mail  
Saskatoon Area Council Rep Evelyn Jackson Bio E-mail  
Prince Albert Area Council Rep Pennie Young Bio E-mail  
Regina Area Council Rep Satinder Bains Bio E-mail July/17
Westman Area Council Rep Glen Johnston Bio E-mail July/17
Winnipeg Area Council Rep Vacant Bio E-mail Reports

*Archives of reports from PRC Representatives, 2014-2017 term.

PRC Representatives 2017-2020 (Resigned)

Name PRC Position Reports Succeeded By:
Shannon Blum Prince Albert Area Council Rep
Pennie Young
(Apr. 2017)