PRC Committees

Committee: PRC Representatives: Staff Support:
By-Laws Chris Beaton N/A
Terms of Reference Michelle Lang  
  Stasi L'Hirondelle  
  Michael Weisgerber (Chair)  
Communications Shaun Atilano Thomas Linner
Terms of Reference Tim Hubick  
  Deb Kosteniuk  
  Pennie Young  
  Mackenzie Campbell  
Education Sandra Ahenakew Karoline Klug
  Shannon Blum  
  Phillip Chan  
  Frank Janz  
  Chris Little-Gagne  
Finance Lorelei Topnik Marianne Hladun
Terms of Reference Alec Goertzen (Chair) Alison Davis
  Evelyn Jackson  
  Glen Johnston  
  Krysty Munns  
Health & Safety Satinder Bains Clint Wirth
  Valerie Illingworth  
  Gus Mardli (Chair)  
  Kristy Slattery