PSAC Prairies Statement: International Day of Persons With Disabilities

On December 3, every year, we recognize the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), in order to bring awareness and understanding to the issues that affect the lives of persons with disabilities every day, and to speak out for change to address those issues.

The theme of IDPD 2017 is “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”, to draw attention to those in vulnerable situations and to focus on reducing their “exposure and vulnerability to economic, social and environmental shocks as well as disasters”.

Earlier this year, the federal government held consultations on what should be included in new legislation dealing with accessibility for people with disabilities.

During the consultations, PSAC submitted a brief focusing on our members in the federal jurisdiction, which identified key priorities, including strengthening employment equity, accommodation, and staffing processes for persons with disabilities.

We believe that Canada, and Canadian governments at all levels, should be leaders in accessibility. PSAC will continue to push for strong legislation that ensures accessibility for Canadians with disabilities.  We are committed to ensuring accessibility and equity for members with disabilities and will continue to advocate for persons will disabilities inside and outside the workplace.


Shannon Blum
Persons With Disabilities Representative
Prairie Region Council
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Marianne Hladun  
Regional Executive Vice-President, Prairies
Public Service Alliance of Canada