EHRC Meeting Minutes July 18, 2017


18 July 2017 MEETING.

In Attendance:

Kim Cardinal                                       Vice Chair (via telephone)

Mildred                                                Member (via telephone)

Kim Haynes                                        Treasurer

Bill Engle                                              Member

PSAC Staff Present

Carm Chan                                          PSAC Regional Rep


James Somers                                   Chair

Called to order 17:41

Agenda items 

  1. Dreamcatcher tabled to next meeting as no member present attended the event
  2. Presentation of a Dreamcatcher – tabled to next meeting
  3. Past minutes missing
  • In March meeting possibly on 13 Mar
  • In May meeting possibly on 2 or 9 May – and Kathy may still have them. 
  1. Finance – Once all cheques have cleared the bank – balance is $5,078.55.
  • Kim will reconcile the receipts to a $35 deposit from Carm cheque of $100.
  1. Upcoming events:
  • 10 Dec – HR Day – Kim will chat with Mike Hogan to find out what is going on so that we can offer some support
  • 11 Nov – Remembrance Day – will support with presentation of a Wreath.
  • The EHRC will promote during the EAC Solidarity Brunch & EWC Child Care Seminar an upcoming in Nov Talking-stick event and in Dec another Dreamcatcher event.

Next schedule meeting is 8 Aug – email to confirm.

Adjourned at 1800hrs

Our Organization: