Regina HRC Mtg Minutes - May 2 2017

South Saskatchewan Human Rights Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2017

In attendance:
Tim Hubick, Giselle Henry, Dani Aubichon, Sandra Ahenakew, Amber Maxie, Diana Jackson, Nadia Akbar-Kamal, PSAC Rep Martha Johnson Joined by phone: Keith Hanson (Ag Canada Swift Current)
Regrets: Shaeya Krause

Call to Order: 5:38

Reading of Harassment Policy

Agenda approved with no changes or additions

Introductions: Two new members from Service Canada; Diana Jackson and Nadia Akbar-Kamal

Reports from Delegates to PSAC Prairie Region Convention
•    Time Hubick
•    Amber Maxie
•    Dani Aubichon
•    Sandra Ahenakew
•    Keith Hanson

Financial Report
•    Bank balance is $1415.72
•    Two cheques cleared account; $480 for RDLC Human Rights Conference, $48.29 for reimbursement for food purchased for AGM.

Budget projection for 2017
•    The HRC is planning two main events for 2017
o    GLBTQ – 49-53 Vigil for Orlando victims - $500 
o    International Human Rights Day - $500

HRC Bank Account Signing Authority
•    Sandra provided signed minutes of the 2017 HRC AGM to present to the bank.
•    Tim Hubick – Chair of HRC, Giselle Henry Vice Chair and Dani Aubichon will be signing authorities for HRC. 


Planning discussion for June 12, 2017 GLBTQ event.
•    Create Facebook event – Giselle suggests the page include a a brief description of why we are hosting the event and link the news stories about the shooting in the night club in Orlando.
•    Giselle said we need to ensure we have support people or resources available for participants who may experience trauma at the event; mental health specialist, Elders, identify HRC committee members so they can have someone to talk to if they need.
•    Martha Johnson said that PSAC has created a contact list of community organization that the HRC could print off and make available to the HRC.
•    Dani picked up trees saplings that will be handed out to participants of the event – Diana Jackson suggested that we attach the Community Contacts (these will include mental health contacts) list to the trees for all participants to take away.
•    We will be placing 49 pairs of donated shoes on the steps of the Legislative Building to represent the 49 people who were murdered in the Orlando night club shooting.  Sandra suggested that we donate the shoes to community organizations after the event.
•    Pride week in Regina is June 11-17 it was suggested that we have our event advertised (poster) with the GLBTQ community.

•    Tim, Giselle and Diana will shop for supplies for event. The HRC will meet at the PSAC office June 4, 2017 to prepare handouts/shoes/flower pots for the event.  
•    Dani and Diana will print off photos and the names of Orlando victim’s to attached to flower pots.
•    Tim will contact Queen City Pride organizers about promoting our event.
•    Dani will contact Gerard (GLBTQ contact)

Old Business – nothing to report

New Business
•    Queen City Pride Parade – some of the members of the HRC will walk in the parade pass out Pride tattoos and stickers. Parade is scheduled for June 17.
•    Upcoming events that the HRC can promote and participate in: June 21 National Aboriginal Day, Rally to Save Our Crowns May 24, 2017 at noon Legislative Building, Red Dress: Support for MMIW May 5, 2017 (wear a red dress or hang a red dress outside your home or office to show support).


Next meeting:    June 27, 2017 at 5:30 PSAC office

Adjournment: 7:04

Our Organization: