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Shannon Blum bio


Shannon Blum

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Shannon Blum was elected as the Prince Albert and District Area Council Representative to the PRC in 2016.  She has been involved with her union at the local level for nearly 20 years.  First as a member of the Local Occupational Health and Safety Committee (18 years and counting), then as a member of the USGE National Health and Safety Committee for a short time. She has also been a shop steward, Chief Shop steward and is now the Local President.

Her current portfolio includes Secretary Treasurer for the Area Council, member of Local, Regional and National Health and Safety committees either for the employer or for the union, member of the Critical Incident Response Steering Committee for the employer, Area Council Representative for the PRC and Education Committee member for PSAC Prairies.

Shannon has been with Corrections Canada for almost 20 years, and works in a non-traditional field for woman as a 3rd Class Power Engineer (working towards a 2nd).  Her career has included Power Engineering, a period as Environmental Safety Officer (until the employer laid them all off), Local Fire Crew Volunteer and eventually Fire Chief as well as a continuing member and leader of the Confined Spaces Rescue and Environmental Spill Emergency Clean-up Crew. 

She has also completed a year as the Return to Work Coordinator for the Prairies and most recently supervising both the Central Heating Plant and the Works (Maintenance) Departments, though not at the same time!  Right now she has moved back to her substantive position at the Central Heating Plant.

Shannon's passion is people, and she got involved with the union to make a difference in people's lives.  As a member with a disability she is on a mission to help other members show the employer that a person with a disability is NOT a liability and that equality is not equity.  She believes passionately that people really are our greatest asset so you will see her championing any cause that will bring real solutions to our members, be it child care, LGBTQ issues, Health and Safety, accommodation or Mental Health in the workplace.

"If your DREAMS don't SCARE you, they aren't big enough" Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.