Murray Pruden Bio

Murray Pruden was elected Northern Alberta Geographical Representative on the Prairie Region Council at the 2014 Prairie Region Convention.

He has been actively involved with his union for the past six years, after being approached by a coworker to take the lead in representing members and bringing forward issues and work safety concerns at his worksite. Since then, he has held various positions in CEIU Local 30851, including Shop Steward and Local Vice-President.

Murray has worked for the federal government for eight years and is currently employed as a Citizen Service Officer for Service Canada providing important services to Canadians, including EI, CPP, and OAS.

Murray is Cree from Smoky Lake and believes strong family, community and cultural ethics are sacred. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, as well as a Visual Arts and Drama Diploma, and loves to participate in theatre and music when he has the opportunity.

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