Gus Mardli Bio

Gus Mardli was re-elected for the another term as the South-East Manitoba Geographical Rep at the recent 2023 PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention.

He first became involved with his union over 20 years ago when he realized that the union stands for important values such as equality, fairness, social justice, inclusiveness and equity rights. The prioritization of human rights in the union inspired Gus’ passion for activism within the labour movement.

Since then he has held various union positions, including Equal Opportunities Rep, Vice-President and President for Agriculture Union Local 50056 and Alternate Regional Vice-President (Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut) for Agriculture Union. He has sat on the Agriculture Union Human Rights Committee first as Regional Rep, then as National Human Rights Director. He has served for over 10 years as the Winnipeg Area Council Chair.

Gus has worked for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada since 1996 and is currently employed as a Research Technician on molecular genetics on wheat & durum.

“The only effective answer to organized greed is organized labour.”-Thomas R. Donahue

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