Glen Johnston Bio

Glen Johnston was re-elected for a second term as Westman Area Council Representative on the Prairie Region Council and sworn in at the PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention in April 2017.

He has been actively involved with PSAC since 1984 and has held various positions within the local, component and union, including: Local President, Local Vice-President, Deputy Vice-President for UNDE MB/SK Region, and North-West Geographical Rep on the Prairie Region Council for two terms.

Glen first got involved with the union after seeking the union’s assistance with some personal matters. He then decided he wanted to give back to the local and help other people who may have experienced similar issues.

Glen has worked for the federal government for more than 33 years. He currently works as a Storesperson for the Department of National Defence, purchasing tools, hazardous goods and consumable items for a Base Maintenance facility.

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