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Events and Courses

  • This course will develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively consult with or confront management to enhance the union’s presence at the workplace.  Please note that this module is open to members residing within 100 kms of Edmonton

  • In this three-hour workshop participants will define homophobia and heterosexism and review the history for GLB struggles. Please note that this module is open to members residing within 100 kms of Edmonton 

  • Advanced Representation Training for Stewards (ARTS): If you are a PSAC Steward with some experience representing members with management and you want to improve and practice your representational skills, then this course is for you. During this four-day course, you will look at various routes for engaging members in helping them to resolve workplace issues.

  • PSAC Area Councils are made up of members from different locals and components, grouped within regional areas.

    Area Councils are the political arm of our Union - they engage with and mobilize around various PSAC campaigns.

    Members also come together to lobby their political representatives, raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian public.

    Area Councils also allow for discussion, collaboration and activism across Component lines.