Election for PRC Southeast Manitoba Rep


Manitoba Delegates of the 2011 PSAC Prairie Regional Triennial Convention will elect a Southeast Manitoba Geographical Representative to serve on the Prairie Regional Council for the remainder of the three-year term.


  • Nominations open effective November 22, 2013
  • PSAC members from Southeast Manitoba who are members in good standing are eligible for nomination to this elected position.  PSAC members are not required to have been Convention Delegates to be nominated for these elected positions.
  • Nominations shall be in writing, signed by a nominator and a seconder, each of whom must have been accredited delegates at the 2011 Convention and were part of the Southeast Manitoba Caucus.
  • Nominations from PSAC Prairie Regional Triennial Convention delegates will be accepted until December 9, 2013.

Nominees Address to Convention Delegates:

  • Candidates will be invited to submit a bio and or a written statement containing information they wish to be shared to the voting members.

Nomination Deadline:

  • Nominations from Southeast Manitoba members in good standing must be submitted no later than December 9, 2013.
  • All nominations must be submitted by fax at (204) 943-0652 to the Chair of the Nominations Committee, Lisa Garnier.
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