All about APSAR


Death is an uncomfortable subject to discuss at the best of times, but it’s something we must give thought to and prepare for, according to Frank McGregor, APSAR Regional Vice President, Prairies.

APSAR, the Association of Public Service Alliance Retirees, is a retiree organization for PSAC members 50 or older and their spouses. Members from the various PSAC committees, locals, and components can join, even while they are still employed in the public service, as long as the members are 50 years or older. APSAR provides its members with crucial services when they retire from the public service, such as health and dental benefits and death benefits.

“There are a lot of benefits out there that we take for granted and people don’t understand,” says McGregor. “People are entitled to them, and they need to ensure they will receive them.”

The death benefit when you’re working is two years salary, which is good until age 65. After 65, it depreciates 10 per cent until age 75 when it flattens out at $10,000. You have to be sure you know who your beneficiary is and that the beneficiary knows that they’re the beneficiary. It can only be one person or an estate.

“I’ve had some pretty scary cases of members who were working and died, having not identified who their beneficiary is,” says McGregor. “People also need to know that they’re the beneficiary.”

McGregor reminds people to update their beneficiary if there has been any change in marriage by calling the Public Service Superannuation at 1-800-561-7930 and requesting a form. He also stresses the importance of informing your beneficiary of your decision to chose them, because that person must request the death benefit.

For more information, contact Frank McGregor at 1-306-764-7668.