Alec Goertzen Bio

Alec Goertzen was elected Calgary Area Council Representative on the Prairie Region Council for the third consecutive term and sworn in at the 2017 Prairie Region Convention.

Alec has been involved with his union for more than 10 years in various positions, including Steward, Vice-President, and VP Finance for CIU Local 30036. He is also the co-chair of his workplace Health and Safety Committee, a JLP facilitator and an Alliance Facilitator (AF).

Alec has worked for the federal government for over 28 years and currently works as a Trade Compliance Officer, conducting domestic and foreign verifications of importers, exporters, carriers, and service providers to determine the degree of compliance with Canada’s international trade.

Alec received the Queens Jubilee Medal for Union Activism in 2013. He currently lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife and two teenage sons.

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