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  • PSAC has launched a nationwide campaign to remind Canadians about the impact of cuts to public services before they vote in the federal election. It focuses on cuts to key services that have affected Canadians since the Harper Conservatives came into power.

  • To vote, you need to be registered. Remind your friends and family to check that they are registered at their current address. Tell them about Elections Canada's online voter registration service.

  • The federal election will be held on October 19, 2015. This is our chance to vote for a better future for all Canadians. Those of us that are federal public service workers are also voting for our next employer. Here’s some information you need to know before going to the polls.

  • The Prairie Region Health & Safety Conference will be held November 21-22 in Winnipeg. The overall theme will deal with the current challenges in dealing with employers, with particular attention to the roles of Workplace Health and Safety Committees, and the challenges faced by committee members.

  • We believe there is a better choice for you and the economy. One that gets us ready to support and care for our aging population. One that gives Canadians high-quality, secure jobs instead of short-term, temporary positions. One that provides programs that benefit everyone. Find out more.

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